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“Superar Suisse meets Sinfonía por el Perú”

Traditional music from the Alps and the Andes for chorus and orchestra

In cooperation with Superar Suisse

For listeners ages 7 and up

Encouraging children and young people and equipping them with such values as solidarity, harmony, and mutual responsibility: this is the approach of Superar Suisse, which has been inspired by El Sistema’s founder José Abreu. For the second year in a row, we will present an extraordinary project as part of the Summer Festival. Some 80 participants from Superar Suisse and from its Peruvian partner program “Sinfonía por el Perú,” which was founded by tenor Juan Diego Flórez, will form an international orchestral community in Lucerne. And more than that: they will also meet members of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA and perform during the opening weekend in the grand KKL Luzern Concert Hall – a unique, motivating experience. In 2019 the Music Camp is being expanded to include a large choir by Superar Suisse, Superar Austria, and Sinfonía por el Perú. Gerald Wirth, artistic director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, and his Peruvian colleague Hugo Carrio will work with these young instrumentalists and singers to prepare a matinee concert that brings two mountain regions into dialogue – with traditional music from the Alps and the Andes.

With the friendly support of:
Bernard van Leer Foundation Lucerne
COMPENSA Wälzlager und Komponenten in Wien
Stiftung Musikpädagogisches Forschungszentrum Vitznau
Verein Freunde Juan Diego Flórez

Fonte: https://www.lucernefestival.ch/

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