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Blockchain is going to improve the Andean region

On June 4, a partnership was made between the Andean Parliament and the Chamber of Commerce Industry, Tourism and Agriculture Switzerland-Peru where scholarships were awarded for the event CSR & ESG meets Blockchain Summit Awards 2024 in Lugano.

The event will focus on improving the prosperity of governance, strengthening knowledge of the sustainability of the different economic and financial sectors of the Andean region with the adoption of new financial instruments.

Blockchain offers us the opportunity to reach the 60% of unbanked Andeans who will now be able to use new digital platforms to carry out B2B payment transactions.

With the guidance of president Giacomo Poretti of Blockchain technology and director of ESG Marco Cassanova, as well as researchers from the University of SUPSI, we will build on the greater vision of Blockchain technology and democratize the banking system for all unbanked people.


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