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Networking event between companies held by the Greater New York Chamber Of Commerce

Networking event between companies held by the Greater New York Chamber Of Commerce on August 23, 2019 at the offices located at … 20 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, Stati Uniti

The president of the Chamber of Commerce Industry, Turism and Agricolture Carlos Navarro had a great reception of executive director Helena Natt and his namesake Mark Jaff in the course of the event he was able to confront the different businessmen of the different industrial sectors of New York Jonathan Gelardi, Life Coach Motovational speaker, Forest Hills Financial group-Financial Advisor Jonathan Sanders, Briodigital-Gibson E. Kinloch, Colloquium Dept, LTD-Holiday Inn Express Manhattan Sales Manager Hanny Lim, Gemtic Founder and Ceo VY Truong, definitely a city with many opportunities with an open spirit for all entrepreneurs who want to develop business activities in the heart of the apple. President Mark Jaff expressed to CCSP Secretary General Jese Navarro with great enthusiasm the importance and relief of one of the projects of the distribution of 100% Arabian Gourmet Peruvian coffee in Europe with a philosophy of sustainable trade, we only have to thank all the participants and the Greater New York Chamber Of Commerce for their invitation, collaboration and support to be able to open new international relations in a country with a great commercial vision and with an engine driven by 80% of its business force.

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