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3Achain could potentially explore Peruvian subsoil

On July 5, 2022 Mr. Carlos Jesus Navarro Carrera, president of the Swiss-Peru Chamber of Commerce based in Lugano, was invited by Mr. Eli Torres the director of the XI Latin American Tunnel & Mining Congress in Peru. Mr. Navarro presented the CCSP’s projects that are currently under development including the Cafe Los Andes SAGL, Swiss Crypto Finance and 3Achain, which is our latest project of international interest. The cryptocurrency is legal in Switzerland and controlled by FINMA, the Federal Financial Market Surveillance Authority. The exhibition was held showcasing the mining sector with the following distinguished speakers: Engineer Roque Benavides, President of Buenaventura Mining, Sixto Falcon, President Ibero-American Mining Institute, Pedro Isique President of the Geoetica International Peru group, Alfredo León General Manager of Novoa sac,José Ardila, ex President of Mines Engineering, Dr.Carolina Gamarra Barrantes specialist of Mining Law ,Elias Castillo Marketing of Elite Consulting sac and Javier Su Wing, Business Development of the Swiss-Peru Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Navarro explained the importance of technological innovation that will promote large investments within the sector along with the support of the new technological system, blockchain, where all projects can be registered and encourage the raising of capital worldwide. This technology will allow for the broadcasting on large digital platforms such as Bitfinex with Tether, as well as with creators of different cryptocurrencies. In the not too distant future, the international market will have many investment opportunities when it comes to these megaprojects, which any person on Earth with an internet connection will be able to integrate with and come along for the crypto journey.








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